Watch: US Blogger Tries Dahi Bhalla For First Time, Gives Little Warning To People Visiting Delhi

Indian food has become so popular that people from across the world want to get a bite of it. Of late, many international chefs have been trying Indian recipes and many influencers and bloggers are enjoying Indian food, especially, street food. But street food tastes best on the streets they belong to, and we are sure you would agree with us. This blogger travelled all the way from the US to India and headed to Delhi to experience the magic of street food in the food capital of the country. 

The blogger visited a chaat stall for breakfast and had dahi bhalla for the first time. His reaction is just too relatable. The lip-snacking chaat wins us over every time we eat it, and it did the same to the blogger. 

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Dahi bhalla is a popular Indian street food. (Photo Credit: iStock)

The blogger named Max McFarlin posted the video on his Facebook page. He started the video by jokingly warning the viewers that if they come to Delhi they should come with an empty stomach, and expand their stomachs for a few months before eating in the city!

Then he gets his plate of dahi bhalla in a clay pot. “There’s nothing better than getting that traditional clay pot, he said while holding the snack. Then he takes a bite of it and figures there is a spicy chutney, and little crunchy bits. Calling bhalla “a fried little fritter”, he guessed it right that there was moong dal in it. He was quite impressed with the creamy yogurt in the chaat. “When there’s so much yogurt, you know it’s going to be good,” he said.  

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Time for the most important part of the meal – the review. McFarlin seemed to have loved it. “That was awesome. That’s what I was wanting, that’s what I was craving,” he finished the meal with these words.
He then paid the vendor for the chaat Rs 80 and told him “It was very good.”

Click here to watch the full video. 

Well, the reaction was pretty much expected. Who can ever not like our beloved dahi bhalla?!

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