Watermelon Juice Comes To Varun Dhawan’s Rescue In Summer Heat

When the sun is directly overhead and it becomes a task to step out in the extreme heat, it is better to grab a chilled glass of your favourite drink.  The scorching summer often prompts us to explore various ways to quench our thirst. Some prefer canned fruit juices or tangy concoctions while others stick to shikanji or jaljeera. For Varun Dhawan too, the best way to cool down amid rising temperatures is to relish some juice. The actor recently posted a picture on his Instagram Stories where we could see a glass full of delicious watermelon juice. The drink must have helped Varun stay hydrated and he mentioned that the temperature was “40 Degrees”. Check out the pic below. 


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If you too are craving some refreshing drinks, then here are some summer-special recipes for you:

1. Watermelon-mint drink

Is there a fruit more juicy and delicious than watermelon? Guzzling down this juice offers you satisfaction along with various health benefits. It is easy to prepare and perfect for a summer outing. Click here for the recipe.

2. Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is another drink which reminds us of the summer days with just a sip. It is sweet, delicious and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Recipe inside.

3. Fresh bel cooler

This drink has just a few ingredients but offers a truckload of flavours. All you need is bel, lemon, black salt, and sugar to make it. So, don’t think much and head to the kitchen. Recipe here.

4. Aam panna

This is undoubtedly one of the best things you can make using mangoes.  The tangy drink is absolutely lip-smacking and will always leave you asking for more. View the recipe here.

5. Fruit and vegetable juice

If you want to take the nutritional value of the juice up, make this drink. You can include everything from apples and carrots to oranges and ginger in it. Follow the recipe here.

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