What Is Viral Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Ice Cream And Is It Healthy? Find Recipe Inside

Ice cream is my best companion on a sweltering summer day. If it wasn’t for my concern of high fat and sugar intake, I would happily have an ice cream every day. But wait, what is this healthy ice cream that’s popping up on our feed every day? Paneer (cottage cheese) ice cream is making quite a buzz on the internet these days. Pegged as the healthier alternative to regular ice cream, the latest invention seemed to have caught the fancy of many health conscious people. Let’s find out more about the viral cottage cheese ice cream.

What Is Viral Cottage Cheese Ice Cream?

Paneer replaces cream and maple syrup replaces sugar in this dessert recipe; rest you can add other ingredients of your choice. Cottage cheese is blended well with sweetener to yield creamy and smooth cream, which is frozen for one to two hours to turn into paneer ice cream. 

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Is Paneer Ice Cream Healthy?

Paneer is one of the healthiest foods with low calorie and high protein content. Is it best cheese to have for a nutritious, healthy meal. Considering this, ice cream made with paneer, not cream, as the base ingredient is bound to be healthy. Plus, healthier sugar alternatives like maple syrup make it a better option. In fact, you may even skip maple syrup and add dates or honey or banana to sweeten it.

How To Make Healthy Ice Cream? Viral Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Ice Cream Recipe:

There are many variations of the viral cottage cheese ice cream doing the rounds on the internet. There are recipes with just cottage cheese and maple syrup. And there are recipes with the addition of fruits and nuts, even peanut butter. I found a recipe that I really liked and will try it myself, but not without sharing it with you all.

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In the video shared on YouTube channel ‘MyHealthyDish’, the ice cream is prepared by blending together, cottage cheese, bananas, vanilla essence, cinnamon powder and some almond milk. After blending it, walnuts and choco chips are also added and churned to make the ice cream.

Watch the full recipe video here:

Are you also curious to try this homemade and healthy ice cream? Let us know if you do try it. 

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