What To Do With Extra Pomegranate? Make Instant Anardana Chutney In Just 10 Min

Pomegranate chutney is a versatile and flavourful condiment that adds a touch of magic to any dish. With its tantalising blend of sweet, tangy and spicy notes, this age-old recipe adds a burst of freshness to a wide range of dishes. Beyond its taste, pomegranate chutney offers many health benefits, making it a perfect addition to our pantry. Pomegranate chutney has been used in Indian cuisine for centuries but did not get the same level of popularity as coriander, mint, mango and other such common chutneys. We often peel and de-seed a whole pomegranate but seldom use all of the pearls. In a matter of days, these peeled seeds start changing colour to go stale. Before that happens, make a quick chutney with the fruit, and elevate your meal.

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How To Use Pomegranate Chutney In Indian Cuisine:


Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants.

Pomegranate chutney is as versatile as other chutneys that you commonly eat. It serves as a delectable accompaniment to Indian delicacies like samosas, pakoras, and kebabs, giving them a tangy kick. The chutney can also be used as a zesty spread for sandwiches and toasts, providing an exciting twist to everyday meals.

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How To Make Anardana Chutney I Pomegranate Chutney Recipe


Pomegranate is also known as anar in Hindi.

If you’ll look for the recipe, you’ll realise people make it in different ways with different flavours. Some cook pomegranate juice with spices and some sun dry it first. Our recipe is a quick-fix solution to whip up the chutney in just 10 minutes without any cooking. This instant anardana chutney requires just grinding of pomegranate pearls along with just a handful of ingredients. Green chillies add spiciness to the recipe, tamarind pulp and aampachank add tanginess and powdered sugar brings balance with its sweetness.

That’s not all. Rose petals are also added to lend their sweet flavour and vibrant colour, and the garnishing of poppy seeds makes the chutney look and taste better. The medley of different flavours makes this chutney a must-have in our meals.

Click here for the complete recipe for anardana chutney.

When you have nothing to turn around your bland meals, make instant chutney with pomegranate pearls. With its vibrant colour, aromatic spices, and sweet-tangy taste, you can liven up your Indian meal or add a twist to international dishes.

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