When Garmi Gives Lemons, Suresh Raina Makes This Desi Cooler Out Of It

What gives you absolute satisfaction in the searing heat of summer? For many of us, it is not some bottled carbonated drink, but our beloved desi lemonade or shikanji. The tangy lemon juice, when mixed with some water and a pinch of sugar, results in a concoction that has been ruling our hearts for years. Guzzling down a glass of shikanji in the summer heat is akin to enjoying a warm cup of coffee in your blanket when the mercury drops. And seemingly, it is not just us who wait for summer to drink shikanji. Even cricketer Suresh Raina can’t have enough of this summer cooler. Wonder how we got to know that? Check out his post on Instagram.    

Suresh Raina is super active on social media and keep sharing entertaining posts and stories quite often. Recently, the cricketer posted a picture, featuring him standing at a roadside shikanji stall and waiting for his glass of drink. “When garmi gives you lemons, shikanji ready karne ka (when heat gives you lemons, make shikanji out of it),” the caption reads. Take a look.

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Suresh Raina’s post instantly drew a lot of attention on the photo-sharing app. Cricketer and friend Harbhajan Singh commented, “Hanji 1 dena nimboo shikanji bhai, Garmi bohot hai (Please give one nimboo shikanji brother. It is too hot).”

Now, if the post is making you crave for some chilled drinks to beat the heat, then do not go anywhere. We bring you a list of soulful desi coolers that instantly tug at heartstrings. 

Summer Special: Here Are 5 Desi Cooler Options For You:

1. Aam panna:

For those who like their drink a bit tangy, there is nothing better than a glass of aam panna. Made with raw mangoes, this desi summer cooler is not only hydrating, but also treats several gastrointestinal problems. Find the recipe here.

2. Jal jeera:

Another desi cooler, jal jeera is packed with refreshing flavours. The drink is perfect to quench your thirst and please the soul instantly. Check out the recipe here.

3. Sattu sharbat:

This drink screams all things desi from miles away! It acts as a summer cooler as well as a detox drink. You don’t need to put much effort to prepare the drink. Find recipe inside.

4. Masala chaas:

Masala chaas is traditionally enjoyed in summers and considered perfect to energise and cool down your body. You just need a couple of ingredients and a blender to make this desi cooler. Click here for the recipe.

5. Coconut water with mint:

It even sounds refreshing, right? So, you just get some coconut water, lemon juice, mint leaves, and honey and you are good to go.  Find recipe here.

Prepare these coolers during the season and sail through the season seamlessly. 


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