When Is Chandra Grahan 2023? Timings Of Rare Lunar Eclipse And Suggested Food Practices

Astronomy enthusiasts are over the moon as a rare moon sighting is in the offing. On May 5, 2023, sky gazers will be treated to a rare penumbral lunar eclipse as the Sun, Moon, and Earth will align in a straight line, in the same place, causing the lunar surface to go completely dark. This type of eclipse is rare and will not happen again until 2042. The event is expected to last for over four hours and will be visible in all of India and other parts of the world. Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are safe to look at directly, although this lunar eclipse is not expected to be visible to the naked eye. 

Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) 2023 Date And Timings: 

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in New Delhi: 

First Contact with the Penumbra – 08:45 PM 

Maximum of Lunar Eclipse – 10:53 PM 

Last Contact with the Penumbra – 01:00 AM, May 6 

Duration of Penumbral Phase – 04 Hours 15 Mins 34 Secs 

The magnitude of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – 0.95 

(Source: Drik Panchang)

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Food Beliefs During Lunar Eclipse 2023: What To Eat And Avoid 

There are certain food beliefs that are traditionally followed during lunar eclipses, particularly in India where the event is believed to have a significant astrological impact. It is believed that harmful bacteria and ultraviolet rays can be emitted during the eclipse period, contaminating food.  

While some traditions recommend complete abstinence from food during the period of the eclipse, some people avoid white-coloured foods and drinks like rice, curd and milk. Some Indians also add holy basil (or tulsi) leaves to food to repel radiation.  

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Many people add basil leaves to cooked foods during eclipses.
Photo Credit: istock

What Experts Say About Food Dos And Don’ts During Lunar Eclipse: 

Yoga expert Yogi Anoop busts some myths and says, “Avoiding food completely during the eclipse is not required. But it is better to stick to light, easy-to-digest foods. This is because the body’s digestive system slows down during the eclipse, which can cause digestive issues if heavy or difficult-to-digest foods are consumed.”  

Ayurveda Expert Dr Dhanvantri Tyagi adds, “While some people believe that cooked food can become contaminated during the eclipse due to increased radiation and ultraviolet rays, there is currently no scientific evidence to support this theory. Some traditions recommend adding holy basil  leaves to food to repel radiation, but this has not yet been scientifically proven.” 

According to the experts, it is alright to follow a regular dietary routine during the lunar eclipse but since the digestive system is weak during this time, it is better to avoid heavy and high-fat foods. 

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