When Kids Demand Pizza, Make Healthy Protein-Rich Roti Pizza. Find Out How

Roti or pizza? Our mind will say healthy roti but our heart will obviously call for a cheesy pizza. It is a fact that roti made with whole wheat flour will win over maida in pizza in the world of health. But what if we tell you that you can now enjoy the same flavours of pizza on your roti? It would be a great way to please your kids who always crave pizza. We explored some amazing ways to make roti pizza which just doesn’t get rid of all-purpose flour, it also adds in lots of protein to make it a wholesome meal for your kids.

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How To Make Roti Pizza For Kids?


Roti is made from wheat flour.

The trick is to use the same flour you use to make rotis for making pizza base. Maida and atta are both flours derived from the same source with similar properties. Maida is more refined than atta but both can be used interchangeably to make any recipe.

Can You Make Pizza Dough With Chapatti Flour?


Nice and fluffy dough for pizza. Photo Credit: istock

Of course! All you have to do is activate the wheat flour with some yeast. For 1 cup of wheat flour, take around two teaspoons of instant yeast, half teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Knead the dough and let it rest for some time to rise. Then roll to make thick round rotis and cook in oven or pan to make roti pizza base.

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How To Make Protein-Rich Roti Pizza:

A pizza is no pizza without cheese. But we can make it healthier and energising for our kids by adding protein-rich ingredients as a part of the toppings. After applying pizza sauce, make a healthy topping with the help of these ideas:

1. Use Protein-Rich Vegetables

Pick veggies like mushrooms, corns and spinach to make toppings for your pizza. In fact, you can make a mixture of different veggies plus greens to make a veg loaded pizza. Just make sure to cook the veggies.

2. Add Meat

We all know that meat is an excellent source of protein. Take shredded boiled chicken or roasted chicken chunks and cut them into smaller pieces. You can use other cooked meat options like mutton and pepperoni. Another great idea is to use salamis.

3. Grate Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is also a variant of cheese, only healthier. It is also packed with proteins and other nutrients, making it the ideal choice for your kids’ pizza. But to make it creamier like mozzarella cheese, you will have to grate a block of cottage cheese. Chances are your kids won’t even realise, and they’ll thank you for letting them have their favourite meal.

So go ahead and make healthy protein-rich pizza any time your kids demand a “pizza”.

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