Why Wear A Rolex When You Can Eat It? A Tasty New Recipe To Try!

Have you ever thought of eating your Rolex? Not even in the wildest dream, right? But what if we make Rolex edible for you? Fret not, we aren’t doing anything with your expensive watch! It is altogether a new dish that is made with some eggs and a roti. To put it simply, Rolex is an egg (omelette) wrapped in a chapatti. And its similarity to the luxury watch brand is just a mere coincidence. Now, you must be wondering why this egg wrap is called Rolex. There is a funny story behind the name. Let’s take you through it.

What Is Rolex? Why Is This Dish Called Rolex? History And Origin Of Rolex:

If you look into the world food history, you would find the origin of Rolex is in Uganda. It is a classic street food in the region, widely available at every nook and corner. Rolex is basically ‘rolled eggs’. As per multiple reports, the term ‘rolled eggs’, when said faster enough, started sounding like ‘Rolex’. Over the years, the misinterpretation stuck to the people of the region and the dish was permanently named ‘Rolex’. Quite a fun story, right?

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Rolex (Rolled Eggs) Vs Egg Roll: What Is The Difference?

While studying Rolex, the ingredients reminded us of the classic Indian egg roll. After all, both dishes have chapati and eggs in the recipes! In fact, Rolex can also be referred to as the perfect instance of the intermingling of cultures, where the Indian staple roti travelled to the East African country Uganda.

However, if you dive in deep, you would find a striking difference between Ugandan rolled eggs (Rolex) and an Indian egg roll. While Rolex is simply an omelette placed on a chapatti and rolled together, an egg roll is roti fried with egg and rolled with sauces and vegetables inside. This makes Rolex drier than its Indian counterpart.

How To Make Rolex: Ugandan Rolled Eggs Recipe:

Trust us, you can go as creative as you want with the recipe. You can either make a simple omelette with eggs, onion, tomato, coriander and spices or load it up with ground meat, vegetables and more. Also, make a chapatti separately. You can use atta or maida, as per preference. Just knead it with some salt and sugar.

When both the roti and eggs are made, assemble them together, roll and serve hot. That’s it. Rolex is ready to be relished. Click here for a simple Rolex recipe.

This weekend, try Rolex for a ‘luxurious’ breakfast and let us know how you liked it. For more amazing egg-based recipes, click here.

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