Will Take Action: BTS Jungkook Schools Invasive Fans For Sending Food To House

South Korean boy band BTS has taken the world by storm. Today, they have an army of fans from across the globe who go out of their way to show love for their favourite singers. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and these gestures leave the celebrities annoyed. Something similar happened to BTS band member Jungkook recently. He got tired of receiving food deliveries from the fans. The situation got so intense that he ended up putting out a post on social media, warning that he’ll take necessary measures if needed. In a recent post on Weverse (written in Korean), Jungkook described the complete story regarding the ‘delivery’ event.
Jungkook said, he has been receiving a lot of food at home from everywhere and firmly asks people to refrain from doing the same. “Do not home deliver food. I will not even eat them,” the post translates in English. He went on to say that he feels thankful for the gesture, but he gets enough food at home. Instead, he asks the army to buy food for themselves. “I eat well. You can buy it for yourself. I beg you!”
Finally, he ended the post on a firm note, saying, “If you send it one more time, I will check the receipt order number you sent and take action. So stop it!”
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In no time, the post grabbed the attention of all his fans and they took to Twitter to show support for Jungkook.
“‘I’m a human too, and ARMYs are also human, of course, you’d be able to understand.” – Jungkook. Respect Jungkook. Leave Jungkook alone,” a fan wrote.

Another person wrote, “I was so happy Jungkook posted until I read it…what the hell? Something like this didn’t even cross my mind and now my heart hurts thinking about how Jungkook has to go through this gross invasion of privacy… and the fact he’s just speaking out about it now, u know it’s bad. Respect Him.”

A third tweet read, “Please stop sending food to his place! Nobody asked you to do that. Stop invading their privacy!”

Another person wrote, “Imagine how scared he is knowing these people even know his home address. Respect Jungkook. Leave him alone.”

A tweet read, “This is not the first time it’s happening. Sue the stalkers and take strict action. Ensure JK is safe at all times.”

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