With Chocolates and Bread, Make This Yummy Chocolate Bomb Dessert In Just 15 Minutes

Chocolate has been every child’s favourite. Since childhood, we have had a lot of memories with it. Be it a birthday party or a family get-together or passing an exam, we have always wanted to celebrate with chocolates. For many grown-ups too, it’s still a go-to food to satisfy their sweet craving. Since we love chocolates so much, we have come up with a tasty chocolate recipe that can be easily prepared at home when you and the kids in the house want a quick chocolatey dessert. Yes, this recipe for chocolate bomb will really be loved by everyone.

Chocolate bread bomb is a quick dessert recipe, which can be prepared within 10 to 15 minutes. The chocolate bread bombs are sweet, salty, and ooze liquid chocolate in the mouth. You only need to eat one bite to experience the chocolate rush. If you have a lot of chocolates piling up in your refrigerator, you can easily create this dish at home. The best part of this recipe is that it only requires four to five ingredients for preparation. These can be offered as a snack at your child’s birthday party or when their friends are over.

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What Kind Of Chocolate Should You Use For This Recipe?


You can either use milk or dark chocolate. Photo Credit: pixabay

Chocolate is the start of this dish. For this recipe, we will be using milk chocolate since milk chocolates are sweeter in taste and are loved by kids. If you are making this for yourself and do not like over-sweet chocolates, you can replace them with dark chocolate as they are less sweet and a little bitter in taste. However, if you only have white chocolate available at home, you can use that too.

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Are Chocolate Bread Bombs Deep-Fried?

Yes, this recipe involves deep frying the bread to make it crispy and for the chocolate to melt properly. If you don’t want to deep-fry the bread, we have an alternate method for cooking it too. All you need to do is, add some butter to a hot pan and put the chocolate bread bombs on it. Let it heat in butter till both sides are crispy and have a slightly brown colour. With this method, the chocolate will perfectly melt inside and the outer side of the bread will be toasted.

How To Make Chocolate Bread Bombs For Kids | Chocolate Bread Bombs Recipe In 15 Minutes:


Enjoy chocolate oozing out from the bread. Photo Credit: pixabay

To make this recipe, you will need milk chocolates, bread, butter and bread crumbs. Add chocolate shavings between the bread and dip it in a batter. Then coat it with bread crumbs and simply deep fry the bread bombs in oil till they turn golden brown. This will only take 15 minutes to prepare.

For the full recipe, click here.

Enjoy chocolate bread bombs with your kids!

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