World Cocktail Day 2023: Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes You Cannot Miss 

For James Bond, his vodka martini should be “shaken, not stirred” and must be served with a “large thin slice of lemon peel.” Well, we don’t blame him after all. Who doesn’t want a perfect drink after a long week? And, if given a chance, we would like to be our own bartender, right? Be it Cosmopolitan, the humble Apple Martini, a refreshing glass of Mimosa or even the classic LIIT, there is a signature drink for everyone. Such is the craze around cocktails, we even have a day dedicated to it. World Cocktail Day is celebrated on May 13 in high spirits (pun intended). 

Cocktails also come with ample room for creativity. Bartenders flaunt their genius with soul-satisfying combinations as well as playful presentations. Let us agree that stirring up the perfect cocktail is the easiest way to impress someone, only if you manage to get the proportion right. If you have the ability to shake, stir and strain, mixology might be your calling. 

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If you want to celebrate World Cocktail Day, throw a party at your home with pitchers of Cosmopolitans, Margaritas, Sangria and other wonderfully flavoured stuff. Worried about the recipes? No worries, we have got it covered for you.

Here’re 7 Cocktails Recipes To Try:

1. Mojito

Mojito is a rum-based cocktail, which offers a refreshing hit of mint and lime that will surely be your favourite cocktail in a summer sundowner! For the recipe, click here.

2. Caprioska 

To make this cocktail, you only need three ingredients: lime, vodka and sugar.  Feel free to throw in some mint leaves for an added dose of freshness. Recipe here.

3. Cosmopolitan 

Boys, please note. This blush-red concoction has the magic to make any girl smile. All you need is a handful of ingredients like cranberry juice, lime and vodka to prepare this drink at home. For the recipe, click here.

4. Bloody Mary

Many prefer a spicy punch in their cocktails. And, this spunky drink has been sent only for you from heaven above. With its spicy undertone and a vodka base accompanied with the tang of tomato juice and zing of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, this cocktail comes in handy with your brunch. Get the recipe now.

5. Pina Colada 

You say Pina Colada, and we are already transported to a tropical vacation. Creamy coconut and pineapple blended drink which is shaken with ice and rum, spells holiday like no other. For the full recipe, click here.

6. Daiquiris 

Daiquiris is a fruity concoction with three basic ingredients: rum, lime and sugar. Usually, it is frozen but is also served straight up. Recipe here.

7. Sangria 

Whether you are looking for a cocktail for an ideal Sunday brunch or a dinner date, Sangria is an ideal pick. This popular wine cocktail said to have originated in Spain, is fancy at its best. The recipe is here.

So, which is your signature cocktail? 

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