Zomato Recorded Highest Number Of Orders On Mothers Day, Received 150 Cake Orders Per Minute

Cakes have always been a part of all special celebrations since our childhood. From birthdays and anniversaries to marking new beginnings, a scrumptious cake, regardless of its size or flavour, can add to the joy of the occasion. Cakes taste great no matter when and why you are having them. Cakes have also become an expression of love and care which can make a person feel comforted. And, this may be the reason that so many people order cakes on Mother’s Day for their one special lady. But this time, people went all out to gift cakes to their mothers as evidenced by Zomato’s sales volume.

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Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal shared that the food delivery platform recorded its highest number of orders this Mother’s Day. Not just this, but the CEO added that Zomato received 150 cake orders every minute on May 14.

“Love for our moms outshines everything else. Here’s proof – Zomato recorded the highest ever number of orders yesterday, and ~150 cakes were ordered every minute. Grateful to be a part of your day,” Deepinder Goyal tweeted.

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In a subsequent tweet, he said, “We are seeing that Mother’s Day is becoming as big as New Year’s Eve in terms of order volumes. We are so proud of becoming a part of more of your celebrations”.

The post attracted a lot of attention on the platform and many people reacted to it.

“150 cakes ordered every minute? That’s a lot of love for our moms! Let’s use this momentum to keep honouring and cherishing the incredible women who gave us everything,” a user said.

“Love truly knows no bounds, and our love for our moms is no exception. It’s heartwarming to see so many people express their appreciation in such a sweet way!” a comment read.

Another user reacted, “150 cakes every minute? That’s INSANE!”

So, which cake did you order this Mother’s Day?

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